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Vietinbank Securities has published the Weekly Investment Strategy Report on 29th January, 2024 with the executive summary presented below:

  • According to data from the US Department of Commerce, GDP for Q4/2023 increased by 3.3%, surpassing economists’ expectations of 2%. Therefore, for the year 2023, the US economy grew by 2.5%, higher than previously forecasted. The gradual easing of inflation while maintaining stable GDP growth opens up many prospects for a “soft landing” for the US economy in 2024. Experts no longer anticipate a recession in the US economy, and the market forecasts that the Fed will begin to cut interest rates as inflation returns to the 2% target.
  • In the past week, money has returned to the market as a series of companies announced their Q4 business results, with liquidity and average transaction value per session slightly increasing to 684 million shares and 14,724 billion VND, respectively. However, unexpected profit-taking pressures have increased, causing the Vn-Index to end the week at 1,175 points, a decrease of 0.49% compared to the previous week. In terms of sectors, money flow has been strong in the basic resources (1.83%) and banking (0.81%) sectors.
  • With the Lunar New Year holiday approaching, money entering the market is expected to be more cautious, and profit-taking pressures are showing signs of increasing. The Vn-Index is anticipated to move sideways within the narrow range of 1,165 to 1,180 points. Investors are advised to increasetheir equity/cash ratio to 70/30 when the VN-Index fall into the zone at 1.16x points.
  • Some of the noteworthy stock groups at this time include:
    • Government Infrastructure: HHV
    • Securities: HCM, SHS, VIX
    • Real estate: TCH, DIG
    • Retail: DGW
    • Steel: HSG
    • Bank: ACB, SSB, VIB, TPB
    • Others: GVR, PNJ, GEX