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Vietinbank Securities has published the Weekly Investment Strategy Report on 02 nd February, 2024 with the executive summary presented below:

  • During the meeting on January 31, the Fed decided to keep interest rates unchanged for the fourth consecutive time in the range of 5.25% – 5.5%. In the statement after the meeting, the Fed mentioned that they have no plans to cut interest rates as inflation still exceeds the central bank’s target of 2%. The Fed’s statement after the meeting completely dashed the hopes of traders expecting an early rate cut before a recession occurs. Major markets worldwide responded negatively, with notable declines in indices such as the Dow Jones (down 0.82%), Nasdaq (down 2.23%), and S&P 500 (down 1.61%).
  • During the past week, funds continued to flow strongly into the market, boosting liquidity and the average trading value per session, reaching 730 million shares and 17,730 billion VND, respectively. Profit-taking pressure increased at the beginning of the week before easing later, leading to the Vn-Index closing the week at 1,172 points, down 0.27% compared to the previous week. In terms of sectors, funds showed strong inflows into the chemical group (9.45%) and the automobile and spare parts group (6.60%).
  • With the approaching Tet Lunar New Year holiday and the market’s cautious sentiment following the Federal Reserve’s policy statement in January, the Vn-Index is expected to continue moving sideways within the narrow range of 1,165 to 1,185 points in the week from February 5th to February 7th, 2024. Investors are advised to maintain a stock/cash ratio at 70/30 as the index continues its sideways trend within the range of 1,16x to 1,18x points.
  • Some of the noteworthy stock groups at this time include:
    • Government Infrastructure: HHV
    • Securities: HCM, SHS, VIX
    • Real estate: TCH, DIG
    • Retail: DGW, MWG
    • Steel: HSG
    • Bank: ACB, SSB, VIB, TPB
    • Textile: TNG
    • Industrialized Real Estate: IDC
    • Energy: PC1
    • Others: GVR, PNJ, GEX, DBC